CNC Milling Services

XinCheng guarantees you quick prototyping and part production with trustworthy on-demand CNC milling services. Get premium custom milled parts at affordable costs made from various high-quality metals and plastics.

  • 3, 4, 3+2, 5 Axis milling
  • Fast lead time
  • Tight tolerances +/-0.01mm
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Comprehensive CNC Milling Capabilities

Work with a reputable CNC milling company to make your products more marketable quickly. To assist you in turning your concepts into reality, XinCheng provides high-quality CNC milling services. Our custom CNC milling capabilities include:

3 axis milling

3-axis CNC Milling

XinCheng offers an efficient 3-axis milling solution for all your products with simple geometry. We design your undercuts, sharp edges, threaded holes, and planar profiles with outstanding detail.

4 axis milling

4-axis CNC Milling

For angled features that are difficult to machine using a 3-axis milling machine, we use 4-axis CNC milling machines. This machine ensures we create complex shapes efficiently, with greater precision and accuracy.

3 2 axis milling

3+2-axis CNC Milling

Our 3+2 Axis CNC milling service offers quality products that meet industry standards in precision and tolerances. We use these machines for relatively complex geometric designs guaranteeing efficiency.

5-axis CNC Milling

With a single setup, it can mill intricate parts to the fullest extent that other machine can’t achieve. Our 5-axis CNC milling machines help to cut costs, increase productivity, and save time, allowing you to more quickly and efficiently satisfy market demands.

Why Choose XinCheng for Custom CNC Milling Services?

XinCheng is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your production objectives. We continuously strive for successful solutions. As machining manufacturers, our CNC milling services guarantee that the prototypes and production parts you receive are of high quality.

  • Cost Efficient
    Our CNC milling automation equipment is economical for 1 to 10,000 parts production. We also provide cost-effective machining solutions to meet your specific standards and requirements.
  • 24/7 Engineering Support
    We believe in effective communication, ensuring our engineering help is available 24/7. Your part design, material choice, surface finishing options, and even lead time can all be addressed by our professional engineer most effectively.
  • Tight Tolerances
    We implement strict quality management policies to ensure your products and parts have the highest quality. Our high-tech CNC milling machines ensure your products meet tolerances as tight as ±0.01mm.
  • Variety of Options
    With the wide range of materials and surface finishes we offer, XinCheng guarantees you have all the necessary information to make the right choices in materials and finishing.

CNC Milling Materials

Our CNC milling method is compatible with a wide variety of materials, depending on your requirements. We have over 60 production-grade metals and plastics in stock to produce diverse CNC milled parts for various industries.


Various industries can use a wide variety of metals for CNC milling. It is perfect for both prototypes and finished custom milling items. The metals available include aluminum, steel, copper, brass, titanium, and stainless steel.


Plastics are another highly common material type for CNC machining. We offer a variety of plastics for CNC milling purposes, including POM, PEEK, HDPE, PET, Nylon, PTFE, PVC, PP, PMMA, and ABS.

CNC Milling Surface Finishes

Get access to high-quality surface finishing for your products’ unique CNC milling parts to eliminate visual flaws. We also offer excellent surface finishes to give your parts rigorous protection, increased resistance, and strength.

AnodizingAnodizing increases resistance to wear, hardness, and corrosion while preserving the metal's surface. It finds application in precise instruments, aviation, vehicles, mechanical parts, etc.AluminumGold, blue, clear, black, red, greyMatte smooth finish
Bead BlastingBead blasting produces components with a matte, smooth surface. Although sometimes used after applying other surface treatments, this surface finish is mostly used for visual applications.Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, ABS N/A Matte
BrushingIn this surface-treatment technique, rough belts are utilized to leave marks on a material's surface. This is typically done for aesthetic reasons.Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, CopperN/ASatin
ElectroplatingIt includes options for decorative and functional electroplating, etc. Chrome plating is also an example of electroplating, which is a process of manipulating properties through electrical tooling.Stainless Steel, Steel, AluminumBlack, Grey, Clear, Gold, Blue, RedGlossy, smooth finish
PolishingThe technique of polishing involves giving an object's surface a smooth, shiny appearance through physical rubbing or chemical intervention. Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum N/AGlossy
Powder CoatingUsing a dry, free-flowing powder, powder coatings are one type of coating. Powder coating is often applied electrostatically and subsequently hardened by heat or UV light.Steel, Stainless Steel, AluminumBlack, Pantone number, or RAL codeSemi-glossy or glossy

CNC Milling Tolerances & Standards

DescriptionGeneral Standard/Tolerance
Maximum Part SizeUp to 80”x48”x24” for milled parts
Minimum Feature SizeMay vary depending on the chosen material and part geometry. The standard is 0.020."
Distance DimensionsFor features involving location (position, symmetry, concentricity) and size (diameter, height, width, length) ±0.005."
Orientation and Form Dimensions0.12” ±0.005”, ½ 0 Angularity. Kindly contact XinCheng for dimensions beyond standards.
Precision TolerancesXinCheng can manufacture your parts with tight tolerances using your design specifications.
Edge ConditionBreaking and deburring sharp edges occur by default. If there are edges you need to remain sharp, note it on your design file.
Surface FinishAs machined is the standard surface finish, for the additional finish, kindly specify during quotation.

Get Custom Milled Parts With 4 Steps

  • Step 1: Upload CAD Design Files
    This is the first step, where you fill in the details of your product and send its 3D design file to our email.
  • Step 2: Quotes & Design Analysis
    We will send a quote and the result of the DFM analysis, when necessary, to ensure you have all the information required to undertake the project.
  • Step 3: Confirm Order
    After reviewing the quote and DFM analysis, it would be in your place to confirm your order. After which we would commence the manufacturing process
  • Step 4: Part Shipment
    This final step involves inspecting and delivering the CNC milled parts and prototypes directly to your doorstep.
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Advantages of Custom CNC Milling: Precision Engineering

CNC milling offers unparalleled precision, with tolerances as tight as a few micrometers. This precision is crucial in industries where accuracy is paramount.

Versatility and Complexity

CNC milling can produce parts with intricate geometries and complex shapes that would be nearly impossible or highly labor-intensive to achieve using conventional methods.

Cost-Effective Production

While setup costs can be significant, CNC milling becomes cost-effective for large production runs due to reduced labor costs, material waste, and consistent quality.

Shorter Lead Times

The streamlined CNC milling process significantly reduces lead times, enabling manufacturers to meet tight deadlines and respond quickly to market demands.

Quality Control in CNC Milling

Quality control is integrated into the CNC milling process, with automated checks and precise measurements at each stage to ensure consistently high-quality parts.

Let XinCheng Handle Your Milling Projects!

Applications of Automotive Products

Healthcare Industry

High precision and part accuracy are the hallmarks of healthcare industry products. Get dependable manufacturing services at affordable prices for everything from mass medical product production to rapid prototyping. CNC Milling facilitates the production of medical devices and instruments like bone screws, surgical instruments, cutters, holders, clamps, forceps, blades and pacemakers.


Robotics is an emerging field where CNC milling finds extensive application. Using technology to produce customized robotics components, XinCheng ensures you get your goods to market more quickly. The field of robotics uses CNC milling to produce high-quality robot parts found in the links, actuators, and robot joints.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry utilizes custom milling parts for unique aircraft prototypes and production parts. These parts include the seats, shafts, valve components, oxygen generator, and even electrical connectors. With our on-demand production at affordable pricing, you may launch items more quickly, lower your risks, and streamline your production procedures.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry uses CNC milling for part production because it offers streamlined production methods, inexpensive rates, and on-demand production. The automotive parts produced using CNC milling include connecting rods, engine blocks, fluid system components, carburetor housing, bushings, exhaust parts, etc.

CNC Milling FAQs

CNC machining is a broader term that encompasses various subtractive manufacturing processes, including CNC milling. CNC milling specifically refers to the process of removing material from a workpiece using rotary cutters. Other CNC machining processes include turning, drilling, and electrical discharge machining (EDM).

The duration of a CNC milling project depends on several factors, including the complexity of the part, the material used, the tolerances required, and the machine's capabilities. Simple parts may be completed in hours, while complex components can take several days.

Tolerances in CNC milling can vary depending on factors like the machine's precision, the material being used, and the complexity of the part. In general, CNC milling can achieve tolerances in the range of a few thousandths of an inch (0.001 inches or 0.0254 millimeters) or even tighter for high-precision applications.

Selecting the right CNC milling service provider involves evaluating their capabilities, experience, quality assurance processes, equipment, and pricing.

Yes, CNC milling is commonly used for prototyping. It allows for the rapid and precise production of prototype parts, enabling design validation and testing before full-scale production.

The cost of CNC milling projects depends on factors like material cost, machine setup time, labor, tooling, complexity of the part, and desired tolerances. To manage costs effectively, consider material selection, batch size optimization, and efficient programming of toolpaths. Obtaining quotes from multiple service providers can also help in cost comparison.

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