See How XinCheng Brings Your Design to Reality.

5 axis cnc aerospace

Custom Prototyping and Machining for the Aerospace Industry

We offer custom prototyping and machining of parts for the aerospace industry. Our on-demand services facilitate faster production and lead time while reducing risks.

cnc automotive

Customized Prototyping and Machining for the Automotive Industry

We provide customized auto parts manufacturing and prototyping using one-stop services to free you from all the worries of complex geometries, offer efficient processes for machining, allow for freedom of design alterations, and give constant support.

machining medical parts

Custom Prototyping and Machining for the Medical Industry

 We help accelerate new product development for the medical industry with outstanding medical prototyping and on-demand manufacturing services. Get your high-quality medical products to market faster at competitive prices.

cnc consumer part

Custom Prototyping and Machining for the Consumer Products Industry

Get high-quality prototypes and new consumer products with ease. We guarantee top quality, low prices, and fast lead times for all custom consumer goods.

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