Customized Prototyping and Machining for Automotive Industry

Customizing auto parts and prototypes using our one-stop services to free you from all the worries of complex geometries. We offer efficient machining, freedom of design alterations, and constant support.

  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified
  • Design flexibility for complex geometries
  • Consistent engineering support
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Our Automotive Manufacturing Capabilities

Experience custom medical device prototype development with outstanding machining solutions that meet regulatory and quality requirements.

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Custom CNC Machining

Our customized CNC machining technique will allow you to experiment with complex geometries. With multi-axis milling and turning machines, we ensure that the end product complies with all the design requirements.

sheet metal bending process

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our sheet metal fabrication ensures that the end product does not have warping and deformities in the finish. Sheet metal fabrication for car parts especially the body parts requires precision to achieve assembly.

die casting process

Die Casting

Our die-cast products do not have error holes or deformations in the finished design. Automotive parts that are made using die casting in our workshop are high quality and fit right into the car design itself.

injection molding process

Injection Molding

We provide injection molds that are free from air bubbles or runners that reduce the product quality and end finish. Complying strictly with the precise design requirements, we make sure not to divert from the confined dimensions.

Why Choose Customized Automotive Manufacturing from XC Machining?

  • Integrated Production Capabilities
    We are a well-equipped auto parts manufacturer, with expertise in CNC machining, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding.
  • Customizable Parts Manufacturing
    We are strictly determined to follow all of your specific dimensions and requirements be it before or during the process thus providing you the flexibility to make adjustments during the manufacturing process.
  • Certified Automotive Manufacturing Capabilities
    At XinCheng Machining, we specialize in automotive prototyping and part production. We are also an ISO certified company which ensures that our services are complying with quality standards.
  • Faster Project Life Cycle
    You won’t have to worry about any delays or longer estimates for your product delivery timings. We provide instant quotations and manufacturing of car parts is started as soon as it is approved by you.

Major Solutions Provided for Automotive Product Development

  • Automotive Prototyping
    Our rapid prototyping solutions would surely provide you with the test car product that you need. We offer high-precision CNC prototypes and 3D printing prototypes to bear any testing before actual automotive product development.
  • Engineering and Production Validation Testing
    Engineer and Product Validation Testing is very important in the automotive product development stage and XinCheng machining ensures that with efficient product development.
  • Custom Car Parts Manufacturing
    When going through the engineering stage and validating the initial design, you need a customized manufacturing process. This is where we come in and provide you with an effective customized car part manufacturing service.
  • Low and Mass Volume Part Production
    Once you’re done with the customized car part manufacturing, cost-effective low and mass-volume production service is needed. We provide effective packages for mass production so that your product development can be made simpler.
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Available Materials for Automotive Applications

automotive metals


At XinCheng, we provide machining services for a more comprehensive number of metals be it aluminum, stainless steel, copper, etc. Maintaining higher tensile strength and ensuring structural formality is the top priority in our projects.

Liquid Silicone Rubber
automotive rubber

Liquid Silicone Rubber

Liquid silicone rubbers are usually utilized in injection molding for various parts mostly such as sealers, dampers, connectors, sensors, and gaskets. These require high precision and strict tolerance which is ensured by XinCheng machining.

automotive thermoplastics


Thermoplastic materials are usually used in oil pans, air intake manifolds, and drainage systems. XinCheng Machining provides manufacturing capability of HDPE, Polypropylene, ABS, and PPS materials that can be used either for external car parts or as liners and under-hood weatherstrip.

Surface Finishes Options For Automotive Components and Parts

AnodizingIt can improve the resistance against wear and provide surface formality to any external abrasions.Aluminum, Titanium, MagnesiumSmooth, MatteAlmost any color
Powder CoatingThis is used for the textured finish of parts and also for heat resistance, preventing corrosion, and abrasion.Stainless steel, Steel, AluminumSemi-gloss, GlossBlack/Any Color
ElectroplatingThe plating method is used to prevent any major abrasions to the inner surface of the metal.Stainless steel, AluminumSmooth, Glossy N/A
Bead BlastingIt enhances the overall visual appeal of medical equipment, while also mitigating the wear and tear of its components.Stainless steel, Aluminum, ThermoplasticsSmooth, MatteBlack, Gray
PassivationThis is used on metals mostly to avoid surface damage due to exposure to chemicals and to prevent oxidation.Stainless steel, Titanium, AluminumSmooth, Semi-gloss, MatteClear, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green

How We Effectively Enhance the Progress of your Automotive Projects?

XinCheng is a trusted partner for medical device development companies. Our outstanding capabilities help accelerate medical device product development and speed products to market.

  • High Precision and Tight Tolerance
    Ensuring high precision and tight tolerances are what guarantee the quality of products developed at XC machining. With a tolerance level as low as ±0.01mm, we are capable of machining as complex geometries for automotives as possible.
  • 100% Part Inspection and No MOQ
    At XinCheng, we also incorporate small and medium-sized industries by our no minimum order quantity limitation. Ensuring 100% part inspection, we are providing quality products by taking the product through a series of tests that verify its quality.
  • Instant Quotes and Support
    Our one-stop support and quotation process would save you a lot of hours in terms of discussing the exact requirements and filling in those communication gaps.

Applications of Automotive Products

The automotive industry has wider applications and at XC Machining, our manufactured products can be utilized in the following ways.

car prototype
  • Lightings
  • Aftermarket Parts
  • Fixtures and Housings
  • Couplings
  • Supports for Electrical Components
  • Mounts for Drive-trains
  • Dashboard Plastic Components
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